Neutrophils 1!

Already. The 0.74 reading was from last night’s blood count. This one is from 1pm today. Against hospital regulations I have downed one of Virginia’s bellinis – more out of relief than celebration.

I drank it alone as Marta has gone to fetch Jamie from Allscott where he has been with Tia Bego, Tio Luis and his cousins who have been enjoying some fresh Shropshire drizzle as a break from sweltering Cordoba.

Isita has yet to feel the benefit of this positive development — at least while awake. She slept deeply for seven hours straight in a nest we made in the armchair, but we had to wake her for a clean-up, dry bedclothes and pillows. She has been in a lot of pain since, while we wait for a new set of painkillers to be put up. The old ones aren’t covering it anymore. More fundamentally, there is a lot of recovery ahead and some important medical problems to remedy. Still, this feels like a big advance. 

10 thoughts on “Neutrophils 1!

  1. The relief… It is absolutely heart breaking to think of her in so much pain, but so glad that the transplant seems to be taking, and that she managed a 7hr sleep. Enjoy your illicit Bellini, you deserve it. Thinking of you all every day and sending you strong vibes. Rose & Elspeth xxxxx


  2. That is such great news!! My father would have approved, he famously horrified my mother when they first met when asking for his “injections” in hospital in front of her which turned out to be bottles of champagne. So pleased Isita has turned such an huge corner. Much love and thoughts from us all. Louise and Phil


  3. So happy for you guys! Isita is going to prevail! How could she not, with such great parents, such a great team and so many supporters.


  4. Brilliant news. We really hope Isita can begin to feel the benefit soon and be in less pain. Thinking of you all and sending much love Ed and Clare


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