Neutrophils 0.74

Isita slept much better last night and her neutrophils have gone up from 0.35 a few days ago to to 0.74, their highest level since the transplant. The technical target is one, after which she is no longer considered neutropenic i.e. lacking auto-immunity. 

The bone marrow aspirate from Tuesday showed that the marrow is reproducing healthily, no signs of any negative reaction, and re-confirmed the absence of neuroblastoma. She hasn’t had a temperature for 24 hours, and the adenovirus levels are low and trending downwards. So we are on track.

As well as seeing the number of white blood cells increase further, what we also need to see is her body, especially her gut, starting to heal itself. Here there are also positive signs. Yesterday’s ultra-sound showed no deterioration and there is no sign of fresh bleeding. Visits to the commode are much less frequent. She is, however, still in a lot of pain. They are going to try a different opiate to get that under control.

3 thoughts on “Neutrophils 0.74

  1. BRAVO ISITAAA!!!! Once again you are pulling through like a true ATOMIC GIRL! What a relief… We are happy and celebrating!! Prayer is still on to help with the pain and reach The Big 1 milestone GO GO GOOOOO!!!


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