Isita ringing the bell on Elephant ward

This was a big day, and one Isita has been looking forward to for a very long time. Ringing the end of treatment bell has made it real for her.

We made a family creation to thank the doctors and nurses on Elephant, Giraffe, Lion and all the staff throughout Great Ormond Street Hospital who contributed to Isita’s treatment. It is impossible to say exactly how many people’s skill and care have brought Isita to this point. There are 90 names in the picture. There should be hundreds and hundreds more if you count the scientists, drug developers, pharmacists, specialists of all kinds, surgical staff – and many other people whose names we will never know. However many they are, we bless and thank them all.

7 thoughts on “Isita ringing the bell on Elephant ward

  1. That is amazing. What a special moment for Isita and all of you. I love all the GOSH staff there. They’re an awesome and incredible team. Love Kate xxxxx


  2. Qué emocionante! Enhorabuena, por fin ha llegado este momento con el que todos soñamos, nos encanta vuestra obra de arte, estáis fantásticos los cuatro, un fuerte abrazo lleno de cariño!


  3. So , so happy to be part of your day. It is a triumph for you all, and all those who made it possible .
    Go “ Enjoy” as they say in America!!!
    lol Xxhxx


  4. Rosie sent me a text to inform me to which I asked her what was she talking about…. what a wonderful idea of GOSH’s, gives the child something to look forward to as well as a huge – in Isita’s case – sense of achievement. And what a huge HUGE sigh of relief for all of you. And you are so right to point out the myriad achievements of all the people involved in her treatment. They must have loved the painting…..
    Lots and lots of love to you all as always, Virginia


  5. Rosie sent me short video of bell ringing: got a frog in the throat… so adorable and seeing all those nurses.! Isita has become a legend at GOSH. V xxx


  6. Wonderful wonderful news! Such an amazing day for you all, big hugs to everyone and to all who helped you through the journey,
    Love Viv/ Mrs T xxx


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