Best day since high dose

Today has been Isita’s best day by far since we started high dose chemotherapy.  It was a bit of a restless night, and she is still losing blood from her lower bowel, but she has started to enjoy periods without pain.

First thing this morning, as Florence was putting up her meds, Isita was telling us about the marmalade cat she hopes to get, which will be called Daisy, or Pete if it is a tom, or maybe she’ll have two cats. She likes them better than dogs.

It sounds innocuous, but it’s been weeks and weeks since we heard her sweet prattle, until a week ago she wouldn’t speak a word all day. Florence had to nip out to shed a tear she was so moved and some of the other nurses and staff popped in just to get a glimpse of the old Isita whose return we’ve all been waiting for.

One of the greatest tributes to Isita’s spirit is that the nurses all love looking after her so much. Over the past eight months we have, likewise, got to know and love the whole team: Andrea, Annie, Ashley, Carol, Carole, Daisy, Darryl, Emily (who’s just left to go round the world), Florence, Hannah, Hannah, Harriot, Helen, Izzy, Nicola, Rachael, Rachel, Rebecca (who went to the heart and lung ward), and Sara. Isita has been carried along on a great collective effort of their dedicated care, and so have we.

So Shirlei, the play specialist, arrived with glue, bicarb, saline and food colouring and we made slime, some of which I had to scrape off the ceiling. Later Jen came by and gave Isita a mango-scented foot massage.

This afternoon she was grumpy from the pain. It may yet take weeks to fully recover from what the doctor from the gastric team called a ‘toxic insult’ to her lower bowel. The bleeding is reducing. An ultrasound this afternoon showed an improvement. In fact, every technical indicator is improving by the day. The neutrophils, about which we have worried so much, were 5.0 this morning. 

9 thoughts on “Best day since high dose

  1. The Lord be Praised! ( as they wd say in the Bahamas!!)
    The Return of the Warrior.

    Am coming to GOSH on Thurs and will pop up and catch a glimpse of who ever might be with Isita. Around lunchtime.

    Am so so happy at the news.



  2. WELL DONE ISITA!!! You did it yet again… Welcome back! We were missing you!!!! In no time you will be back on your feet and with your very contagious (and inspiring) vitality. Heaps of love from Spain and the Mendez Gang xxxxxxx


  3. 15 de agosto, en Sevilla es el día de la Virgen de los Reyes, un día magnífico para empezar de nuevo, I understand nurses emotions, great Team ! Un fuerte abrazo a todos , nurses included !


  4. Was thinking yesterday: today is the deadline… BUT SHE MADE IT!!!! The Sheer joy of reading this last post: felt I wanted to hug you all nurses included and dance for joy.
    Might … just might … make it to GOSH later this afternoon. 😘😘😘 Virginia


  5. Love love love the news. Sounds like Isita has turned the corner and is racing to recovery. Such an amazing girl! I’m awed by her resilience.


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