Happy Christmas everyone

We have made it down to my mother and twin brother’s in Surrey. Just to keep it interesting, Isita had a temperature after we arrived on Saturday evening. It approached the level at which we would have had to take her straight back to St Mary’s for intravenous antibiotics. The medical protocol insists on this in case it is an infection in her central line that would rapidly lead to sepsis. 

We spent a nervous and watchful night and by the time I checked in the early hours of Sunday morning her temperature had fallen. It was most probably a reaction to the flu jab. So here we are all together for Christmas, relaxed and happy, and a bit over-excited.
I am writing this in bed on Christmas morning and amazingly, Isita and Jamie haven’t burst in and woken us up yet. Heaven knows what is going on in their bedroom.
Even more exciting is that I don’t have to go and check. On Christmas Eve Isita went to bed without the TPN intravenous fluids, so there is no line to disconnect this morning. That is a Christmas present in itself! We are weaning her off the paraenteral nutrition. With any luck she will have a good appetite for turkey and all the trimmings today. The target is to have stopped them entirely by mid-January. 
This is also about when she will finish the three weeks of radiotherapy that starts the day after Boxing Day.  After a few more tests they will be able to take her line out and then, providing she stays healthy, that’s the very end of treatment. Thank God.
With this hope in our hearts we wish all our friends and those who have supported Isita and us so much over the past two years a very happy Christmas and New Year.

15 thoughts on “Happy Christmas everyone

  1. I wish the four of you such a Happy Christmas . Just so incredibly happy for you that you are all together this year. Pray God no interruptions .
    You have been much on my mind , and I’ve been praying all would go well for Christmas.
    So much love


  2. She DOES look so much better!!!👍👍👍🤞🤞🤞 Thank you for post: was having withdrawal symptoms without it for so long. Told Rosie: no news must mean good news. HURRAY!!! With all are very best wishes for a magical Christmas with “ all the trimmings” and also for 2019. It is going to be fantastic!!! Muchos muchos agapi and baci from your polyglot friend… V 😘😘😍😍


  3. Merry Christmas! Wonderful news. We wish you all the best this season and lots of Health and happiness in the Bew Year! You deserve all the good in the world.
    Much love xx


  4. So glad to hear you were all able to be at Betchworth together. All us Mackeson Sandbachs at my mothers today. Chaos but fun. Lots of love from us all and hoping Isita was able to have some Turkey.


  5. Merry Christmas to you all, what lovely reading for this time of year! I am so glad that all is looking so positive and wish Isita all the best for the coming radiotherapy.
    with all good wishes for 2019


  6. So glad you got the Christmas you all so deserve! I was sad to hear I missed Isita and Martha from the Elephant girls the other day. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2019 Hamilton family. All the best for tomorrow Isita! Lots of love, (nurse) Fiona


  7. Overjoyed that you could all spend Christmas together at Betchworth. What a special ending to a gruelling year. I am sure Lola is Isita’s Guardian Angel and is very much with her and given to her for good reason. You are all constantly in my prayers and I send you love and every possible good wish for a joyful, happy and healthy New Year with continued healing and every blessing. Caroline with Arabella xx


  8. We wish you a really magic ” three wise men night”and a morning plenty of good things que ve asked them for you !!


  9. Beso beso beso!!!! Deseándoles TODO lo mejor para el 2019 y que las noticias sigan mejorando!! Un abrazo fuertísimo.


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