All clear

We have just met with Isita’s consultant Giuseppe who gave us the news that all of her end of treatment tests came back perfectly clear. It is now official. After two years and two months longer than any other patient – the treatment is not only over, it has worked. This is the confirmation we have been hoping and praying for. We cannot believe our good fortune.

As you know, the front line treatment finished in mid-January and the outlook was good. Even so, we have been holding part of ourselves in reserve. Every test has the potential to bring bad news. Every parent in this situation suffers from what a friend whom we met on the ward calls ‘scanxiety’.

The trouble is, neuroblastoma is a dreadful and unpredictable disease. We know of other children similar to Isita who have had to move into new phases of treatment, even having got as far as we have. So we don’t take our joy and good fortune for granted. We pray that eventually they will also get through this too.