Not good – very good 

Isita’s consultant Giuseppe just came in to her room on the Friday afternoon ‘grand’ ward round. “We got Isita’s MIBG results,” he said, with a slight pause of forgivable theatre. “They were clear”.

“Good”, I said.

“Not ‘good’”, he responded. “I would say very good.”

It appears that the tumour has shrunk and there are no ‘lesions’ anywhere in here body. This is the best possible news.

Now we need the results of the trephines they took this morning. These are samples of bone from two places in her lower back. We already know from the aspirates that they took a month ago that the marrow itself is clear, but often the cancer cells adhere to the inner wall of the bone.

If the trephines are not clear, Isita will need an extra course of regular chemotherapy. If they are clear then we have a bit of a race on our hands to get rid of the last traces of the adenovirus so Isita can start the high dose chemotherapy before 19 June, with surgery probably having to take place before that. 

There is a lot to unbundle from within that, and plenty of variables. But the simple takeaway is that there is no better news we could have heard today.

16 thoughts on “Not good – very good 

  1. Christmas, New Year and Easter all rolled together! This is wonderful. Thinking of you all with such happiness. Xxx


  2. Fantastic news. A big hurdle to have got over. We continue to pray for you all and keep everything crossed. Xx


  3. So glad to hear that you guys finally got some good news! Hooray! Yippee yi yo! Keeping my fingers crossed!


  4. Well done Isita. You are a shining super star. A big hug from Lucia, Richard, Florence and Alexander


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