Exam week 

Isita is still in hospital,  and still on marvellous form. She has watched Pocahontas about 10 times, cooked up dozens of bowls of playdoh spagetti soup, and never stops chatting- the best indication of her wellbeing.

Yesterday someone from Project Linus came by and gave her a barn quilt embroidered with cats. We are constantly amazed by the generosity of the volunteers and donors who give so much to Isita and the other children at the hospital.

Then my godson Jem and his mother Caitlin came by, and Jamie was there too. 

Isita’s kidneys are still leaky, but there are signs that this is getting better. They are topping her up with what she needs and the levels are becoming more stable.

At the same time there are lots of tests going on. She had the MIBG scan yesterday, will have the bone marrow aspirates and trephines tomorrow morning and the MRI tomorrow afternoon. Marta and I are meeting the surgeon on Monday morning and Isita’s main consultant on Thursday. As pieces of information from the tests come available we should learn about them, and the decisions on the next stages of treatment should be taken by the end of next week.

4 thoughts on “Exam week 

  1. Marta tienes a todas las dominicas del Convento de Dueñas rezando por Isita, toda la suerte con las pruebas!


  2. I think of you all the time, pray and light endless 🎂 in my church. Hopefully they won’t run 🏃 out of them before Isita recovers. Hugs 💋 and many achuchones. Nicky Lindsay


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