4 thoughts on “Back from the biopsy 

  1. Dear Hamilton family: I hope you can feel all our prayers wich will help you and Isita to go through all, with the best strengh possible. We will be with you day and night. Lots of love from The Becerril Andrada-Vanderwilde family.


  2. OK so now that have read the blog I am in floods of tears which is not much use to either you or Isita.
    Brilliant idea of the blog: keeps us all up to date without having to bore you with emails.
    It also helps to keep you all constantly in our thoughts. And prayers.
    Looking forward to Monday post.
    A million besos and hugs from us both
    and as Tatiana posted: GO Isita GO…


  3. My dear John and Marta. I am at loss for words other than to say you have the thoughts; prayers; and love from all of my little family.


  4. Mucho ánimo y fuerzas para los tres! Un beso muy fuerte!!! Tendremos a Isita en nuestras oraciones!
    El Great Ormond es el mejor hospital infantil del mundo!


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