The lump is out

We just brought Isita back up to the ward from recovery. She is still sleeping but has opened her eyes a few times. No bad things happened during the surgery. She still has both her kidneys and fully functioning bowels. There was minimal bleeding; so no transfusions necessary.

The surgeon took out all of the tumour she could see. The target is to resect at least 95%. In all it is an excellent result, the best we could hope for. Now there is about a week of recovery in hospital before she can go home. So many people have sent prayers and messages of support. Thank you all.

19 thoughts on “The lump is out

  1. Thank you thank you thank you: for taking the time to message us. And with such good news. It sounds like a huge success?
    Big big hugs.


  2. Amazing news! So glad to hear. Thanks so much for taking the time to write. More prayers for a speedy recovery, y gracias a Dios!!


  3. I am so thrilled with the result .
    Been thinking and worrying about you all, all day .Arrow prayers heading up constantly.
    May this recovery be smooth.
    Lol xhx


  4. Que buena noticia, cuanto me alegro. Gracias por mantenernos siempre informados. Un abrazo muy fuerte a toda la familia, especialmente para Isita.


  5. Ole ole y ole, y el riñón se queda ! Enhorabuena al equipo médico y gracias por mantenernos informsdos ! Seguimos rezando , un abrazo a los cuatro !


  6. That’s such good news. Isita get well soon and we looking forward to seeing you all soon. Lots and lots of love, the JNELs


  7. So happy to hear this! Sending so much love to all of you, especially Isita! Give her loads of hugs from all of us! jeanne, brad, theo & elliott


  8. That is the most amazing news John. I can’t believe she’s had it inside her for 2 years and now it’s gone – you all must be elated and exhausted in equal measure.

    Can’t wait to catch up with you all.

    Love Bennet


  9. Such wonderful news – in my thoughts you brave girl, and of course your brave family too (well done to you all for getting to here!)
    much love Viv/ Mrs T xx


  10. So pleased to read this update. Thanks to your amazing blog, there are so many people willing you, Marta, Jamie and Isita on at every step. This feels like a big physical and psychological milestone. Go Isita! Xx


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