Operation back on

Isita will have her operation tomorrow (Wednesday). She and Marta are sleeping at GOSH this evening and she goes down to theatre at about 8.30 in the morning.

The surgeon and anaesthetist came to see us this afternoon and were very calm and reassuring. The surgeon explained to Isita where the cut would be, pointing to the place on her tummy. She said the stitches will be under the skin so you won’t be able to see them. She also said they would make absolutely sure she wouldn’t wake up in the middle.

These are two of Isita’s biggest fears, so it was good for her to be told. Although there were some tears, she cheered up quickly. When she thinks about it she is terrified, but she is also genuinely happy that the moment has finally come. So are we.

Marta and I then sat down with the surgeon to go through the consent form, which is always a grisly process of talking through worst case scenarios. The surgeon explained it all in a gentle but unflinching manner. The tumour is wrapped around a couple of important arteries and veins, including one to the bowels, damage to which would be life-threatening. On the plus side, her right kidney is no longer under imminent threat. In general, it is like concrete that has set around the roots of a tree. The biggest risk is they will have to leave part of the tumour behind because it is too dangerous to go on. Most of the other risks are to do with what might happen if they went on.

It could take four hours, it could take eight or more. They don’t rush. We’ll probably get a progress report soon after lunch and then we wait. Thank you for all your messages and prayers. They will carry us through.

7 thoughts on “Operation back on

  1. All candles lit from Bahamas to London, plus a Filipino preacher. So many thoughts and prayers, and much strength and love sent to you.
    On my way back.
    Lol xxhxx


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