Op postponed!

Isita is in perfect form, but the surgeon has a bad cold and fever and this isn’t the kind of procedure you can delegate. We are going home. It is disappointing, stressful and exhausting – especially for Isita who has gone through all the build up in hospital overnight, including discussions about canulas in her wrist with the anaesthetist this morning. Despite being terrified, she was up for it.

Of course it is the only choice, and the doctors were very apologetic although it is no one’s fault. They have said we’ll come back later this week or early next.

4 thoughts on “Op postponed!

  1. Rosie is keeping me up to speed and told me last night of surgeon problem. Very stressful indeed . Had already in the diary visit to GOSH this Thursday… and was going to stock up on your favourite refreshment! Gives us more time for more prayers. Am certain it will be alright in the end and more games with Lola. Xxxxxxx


  2. Sigo acordándome mucho de vosotros aunque no os lo diga. Rezo para que esta pesadilla acabe pronto. Un abrazo


  3. Can’t believe it. Life is never simple for you. What a stress and let down. Fingers crossed doc recovers quickly . Don’t want her breathing germs over Isita!!!!
    Best of luck.


  4. Bueno, una farna, but, we want a happy and healthy doctor surgering Isita ,, so we,ll pray for the doctor, s health too.Best wishes.


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