So far so good

They started the antibodies at about midday on Monday. So far Isita is tolerating the treatment much better than we feared. She has had some stomach cramps and a bit more diarrhoea than usual. She’s having extra fluids and will get a blood transfusion as she is a bit pale. But crucially she is not suffering the acute neuropathic pain that is one of the worst side- effects. They are keeping a very close eye on her, both clinically and crunching the numbers. Pray God nothing more complicated comes up.

7 thoughts on “So far so good

  1. Glad it has started .Hope and pray she continues like this.
    Constantly in my thoughts.
    Hope to catch one of you on Thurs. Lol xhx


  2. Probably reaching end of first week? Hope everything went well. Back home tomorrow? We all feel so utterly helpless in not being able to help in any way. How is. Marta? All our love as always to all of you. Virginia is xxxooo


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