Home for a week

Exactly nine months after Isita was admitted to GOSH – she arrived in an ambulance from St Mary’s Paddington as her kidneys weren’t working properly – we have finally been allowed home. She last slept in her own bed 288 nights ago.

We are here for a week and then Isita will go back to GOSH for a fortnight of immunotherapy, then three weeks back here. And so on until July, but with less and less time in hospital.

As we are due back on Elephant Ward so soon, we shouldn’t really have felt that emotional about going. But of course we did. Various nurses and other friends like Em the physiotherapist dropped in throughout the morning to say goodbye. What a job they have done to get Isita this far and to make it possible for us all to be at home. It is a huge achievement. The dark days of the autumn are far behind us.

Here at home, Isita’s bedroom is full, full, full. An army of teddies is about to burst out and march down the corridor. She has a pirate’s trove of plastic jewellery overflowing from tin caskets (plastico buenisimo!), and a Barbie closet quantity of pyjamas. She hardly wore anything else all last year. We are due a rather terrifying clear-out – mañana.

13 thoughts on “Home for a week

  1. So good to read you- I get rather worried when no news…!!!! I have been thinking and wondering how “home” was. Would love to see photo of teddy bears “marching down the corridor”. It must be really wonderful for all of you to have Isita home but also quite a lot of work?
    Muchos love as always. Virginia


  2. So fantastic to hear! Happy clearing but of course we expect the lego to stay, that is a special form of plastic 🙂


  3. It is so fantastic to hear that Isita is home! Happy days! Well done all four of you. Sending our fondest love Lucia, Rich, Florence and Alexander xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  4. ¡Enhorabuena, me alegro muchísimo de la mejoría y de que estéis en casa! No conozco a Isita y sin embargo es importante para mí; pienso en ella, leo vuestros comunicados en precioso inglés, y rezo.


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