11 thoughts on “Isita’s hospital hero

  1. I think my film sent you yesterday morning much better…… showed her chatting and gesticulating which was so funny. ( I know, I would say that…)I was hoping they would show a bit more of her. I always think all those volunteers who go and play/chat/paint with the children are real heroes. They are so good at entertaining them and keeping them interested. It must be heaven having her home even for a few hours. ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘


  2. Enhorabuena que guapa sale y que natural!! Esa niña promete . ..es nuestra heroina también.Decidle que queremos verla más en la tele!!

    Besos a los cuatro!!;

    …. Prayers and kisses from here …


  3. What a treasure and what a fighter! Utterly over the moon to see her looking so pretty and vivacious – and a natural in front of the camera! 🙂 xxxx


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