Two steps forward 

Isita came off the oscillator at midnight and is now comfortably on the regular ventilator. She still has a crackly chest, but the hope is with physio and coughing they can reduce that a lot over the next while. All the numbers look good.

We are constantly warned not to expect constant progress. She has taken two steps forwards, but may yet take a step back before getting out of the ICU. That said, the best possible scenario has improved since yesterday. The earliest they are thinking of taking out the breathing tube is tomorrow. One good reason to leave it for a bit longer would be to help get out more of the gunk still in her lungs.

She is on fewer drugs, is no longer artificially paralysed, and will soon be more aware. Marta and I are feeling a bit more cheerful, helped by having bedclothes  from home.

3 thoughts on “Two steps forward 

  1. Dear John and Marta
    I have chanced upon this blog, having missed you at yesterday’s magnificent lunch. I quite understand why you could not be there. I do hope that the somewhat encouraging recent news continues. What a dreadful time you have all been having with successive misfortunes.
    I feel inadequate contacting you in this way but I do genuinely send my very best wishes to you both, and to Isita and Jamie (who dealt with yesterday’s social event admirably). Lizanne and I will be thinking of you and following progress.


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