Ticking off the days

We are about half way through and ticking off the days – five big green sad faces on each square of the calendar since we started off. The doctors and the nurses are intently focused on Isita’s condition, and we can tell they have the situation under control. The incessant tests, monitoring show that her condition is no worse than they would expect it to be. 

Of course, we are fretting all the time. When Marta called from the hospital this morning, a catch in her voice made me momentarily despair at the prospect of some dreadful news until I realised she was just out of breath from climbing the stairs. In some ways, it is easier to be in the room and reassured that things are going according to plan, than at home or at work worrying about it.

I arrived this afternoon to find Isita sleeping peacefully with her hands behind her head and her body relaxed and straight rather than curled or hunched on the bed as before. She has also lost the permanent tension of pain in her face. This is a great relief, as since Sunday night her temperature has been spiking regularly.

Because she has also had severe pain on the left side of her stomach we began to fear an infection in her bowel which would have been a major challenge due to her lack of any immune system. A radiologist came and did an x-ray in the room yesterday and an ultra-sound this morning. The first analysis of the images suggests there is no obvious problem. They are giving her the necessary antibiotics anyway and have increased both the morphine and the ketamine. Also, the nurses are cleverly using her gastro-nasal tube in reverse to drain her stomach of bile and mucous so it doesn’t have to come out in other ways.

She is sleeping a lot, which is the best, but earlier in the day she was awake and admiring the fabulous multi-coloured banner inscribed and decorated by three generations of the Lindsay family. Thank you so much to everyone for your cheering messages of support and prayers. We need them.

4 thoughts on “Ticking off the days

  1. So sorry to hear things are so hard at your end. I can’t imagine how hard this must be for all of you and we are sending all our love. I am not a religious person but have said a prayer for you guys. We are back from hols next week and would love to have Jamie over for a play date if he is free and willing! We have a new girl Erica from Oz covering so hopefully they could do something fun together. Loads of hugs and best wishes Fiona xx



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