Isita’s superhero bravery party

The Rays of Sunshine children’s charity organised a fantastic party at the Guides Hall at Coram’s Fields to make Isita’s wish come true.  They could not have done it better. Wonder Woman ran the show, getting all 36 children to dance and sing. The TV magician Jamie Raven enchanted Isita with the coolest ever fork-bending trick, and some baffling card tricks. Her smile was a mile wide.

Isita arrived fashionably late to her own do,  as when it was due to start she was still in bed with the vascath in. The nurses worked incredibly hard and quickly to take it out and get her ready. Shirlei, the play specialist, who set the whole thing up with the charity, was a ministering angel.  

  • About an hour after Isita was disconnected we whizzed her round the corner in a wheelchair. Being a girl of spirit, and dressed as supergirl, she insisted on walking into the hall where her friends were waiting. To everyone who made it happen and to everyone who came – thank you so much. 


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