Great uncle Piers

Over the past three months (nearly) so many people have been sending wonderful messages of love and support, both in response to this blog and also out of the blue. One of the people whose words are always full of compassion, and the understanding born of experience, is Ann, Isita’s great aunt, who – it is no exaggeration  – saved great uncle Piers’ life when she married him nearly three decades ago, and who has cared for him exactly as the marriage vows forsee and command ever since. She knows everything there is to know about hospitals, community nurses, and day-by-day, minute-by-minute care. Sad to relate, Piers died yesterday. At this moment all we want is to return to Ann the love that she has given us over all this time.

One thought on “Great uncle Piers

  1. So sorry to hear of Piers’ passing. It just seems to pile on doesn’t it? He was such a kind, interesting, entertaining man. Such a great loss. My thoughts are with you guys.


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