A moment of freedom 

Isita came out to Coram Fields and Brunswick Square yesterday – her first proper time outside in three weeks. The hospital has lent us a little wheelchair to get there. The fever has pretty well gone. I don’t think it has spiked in the past 24 hours. She is nibbling on bits of food, for instance purple monster munch crisps – the pickled onion flavour. But her stomach is still upset. Once we’ve fixed that we are away.

3 thoughts on “A moment of freedom 

  1. Marta, soy María José Morenes. Pienso muchísimo en vosotros y sobre todo en Isita y rezo y confió en que esta pesadilla acabe . Rodeada de muchos casos ,se que acaban bien. Cuando José nuestro hijo estuvo tres años malito de pequeño nunca espere que fuera lo que es hoy. Ahí está. Besos a todos


  2. Nice to see her smilling under the sun light. Still praying all of us until her total recovery. Soon she will get lots of nice and warm sunny days in Spain. Lots of love !!!


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