Two cakes

Isita and I are just about to leave GOSH where we spent last night. We are moving to St Mary’s Paddington. With any luck we’ll be home by Thursday afternoon, in time for a scaled down celebration of her fifth birthday.

She came back into the hospital yesterday for a hearing test. She already had a mild temperature and it got worse during the day, so they kept her in. It seems we should expect this to happen between each course of chemo. 

We have had to postpone her birthday party, but looking on the bright side, this means two parties, and two cakes. Speaking to Marta on the telephone this morning she was very very specific on cake decoration instructions.

2 thoughts on “Two cakes

  1. Dear Isita

    Muchas felicidades por tu cumpleaños de parte de la familia Alemán Atienza. Tenemos muchas ganas de verte.
    Sole, Pedro, Sole y Celia


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