Isita’s social whirl

It was another very social morning at St Mary’s, what with visits from the hospital educationalist, followed by the physiotherapist, the dietician, the occupational therapist, the nurse with various medications, a plain old doctor, Kate who will now do lessons with Isita every day, and my mother, who brought lunch. 

Isita was in her element with all the callers. Although her blood counts are low and she is clearly consuming huge amounts of energy dealing with the chemo (The reason for her weight loss), she looks very well. In the late morning she started a blood transfusion which has left her looking and feeling much more bonny and rosy-cheeked. 

The business of feeding her up continues. Just before I left in the early afternoon, she tucked in to a ‘fortified’ ham sandwich i.e. spread with about an inch of margarine. Unfortunately I think she is like me. Nothing she eats can make her put on weight.

We hope she might come home tomorrow, and on the face of it, she is well enough. But it looks like the lab has lost her blood samples. They retook them this morning. This will keep us in for the whole extra day.

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