Temperature down 

Both Marta and Isita slept well at St Mary’s last night. After antibiotics, Isita no longer has a temperature, ate a good breakfast of weetabix, and has since been holding court. Rosie was in this morning, then Kate, her former nursery school teacher who is going to be helping with lessons, and then Aude with lamb pilaf. 

The docs are doing some blood analysis to see if Isita needs a transfusion. They are also checking her weight which appears to have fallen. We are hoping it is an error in the scales. But it could be that despite our best efforts she isn’t putting on weight. Whatever happens she will be in hospital tonight and all of tomorrow until they are sure she is OK.


6 thoughts on “Temperature down 

  1. Isita
    Lilly Rose wanted to leave you a note to say how proud she is of you.
    You are always in her thoughts.

    Lilly Rose
    Pembridge Hall


  2. Dear Marta and John, my kids and I are praying every night for Isita. You are constantly on my mind, I send you all my love and support.
    Laura xxxx


  3. Please let Isita know that her friend Soraya sends her a great big hug. We are thinking of all of you and sending much love. Xoxo


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