Chocolate biscuits 

The first course of chemotherapy is now done and the results of the MIGB are back. As expected the scan shows the cancer elsewhere in Isita’s bones. That is why the lengthy and intensive course of multiple therapies has been prescribed.

Isita could leave hospital as early as tomorrow but more likely on Wednesday. The main concern of the doctors is that she should eat. It is vital that over the next 2 1/2 weeks she does not lose weight and if anything she puts it on. Otherwise they will have to reduce the amount of chemo they give her next time and they do not want to do that.

On the ward round this afternoon, the doctors are very clear that for the time being all our concepts of healthy eating must be abandoned. She must consume calories in whatever form they take.

So when Mrs Millen, Isita’s teacher from Pembridge Hall arrived this afternoon and found her reclining on the bed, elegantly dropping the last chunk of a chocolate Bourbon biscuit into her lips, it was on doctor’s orders. Not something you could say very often.

Mrs Millen came laden with presents from the class, including a fabulous china fairy. She was impressed to hear that over the past two days we had cracked through Sally Gardner’s Operation Bunny – a proper novel no less with very few pictures. It is a beguiling yarn and the fairy theme helps. Until we tried her on it, Marta and I hadn’t realised she was old enough – more fool us.

3 thoughts on “Chocolate biscuits 

  1. Dear Isita I mis you a los. I forgot the dance you shows me. Will you repente it when I go back to see you?

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    > El 23 ene 2017, a las 20:15, Isita escribió: > > >


  2. I’sorry they don’t write English here.

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    > El 23 ene 2017, a las 20:15, Isita escribió: > > >


  3. Buenos días!! Gracias John por continuar con la disciplina del blog, y un par de sugerencias, pastelitos morunos esos que están rebozados con todo tipo de frutos secos , pistachos almendras, sésamo, piñones buenísimos y sobre todo engordan una barbaridad y Singer, cuentos infantiles, disparatados.
    Me alegro infinito de que las cosas hayan empezado a mejorar, seguimos rezando !!


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