Hospital food

The chemotherapy continues. Isita is doing well and not complaining of pain, although we don’t know yet if that is the treatment or just the painkillers. She had a bit of fever but that has now gone. The biggest struggle is getting her to eat. This evening she had salt and vinegar crips and some mango.Whatever works.

Meanwhile, Marta and I are eating fantastic creations for every meal thanks to our lovely friends. It is very comforting, we have no words to express how much it means to us. Also, thank heavens we don’t have to rely on what the GOSH canteen produces. The hospital’s Rolls Royce standards don’t extend to its cuisine.

A friend with experience gave me the useful tip that the halal menu option is always better, maybe because it is also prepared for other more exclusive patrons. But even Gulf princes will not been eating as well as us.
As my cousin Iona and Marta’s cousin Asunta were both here this morning, Marta and I took a good walk around the edge of Coram’s Fields and celebrated her birthday in a coffee shop. It was the first time we have had to ourselves in about a fortnight.

3 thoughts on “Hospital food

  1. Mango is a very healthy option! It is a very typical craving of pregnant women in El Salvador, with lemon and salt. 🙂 Mango sorbet is delicious and made from fruit at home in ice pops also refreshes the mouth. Good choice, Isita!


  2. Happy belated birthday, Marta. We’re looking forward to giving you both some Rolls-Royce/Ferrari food any time that suits you, Tom and Emmanuelle


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