A good start 

The first 24 hours of treatment has gone well. The nurses are pleased. They have administered some longer acting painkillers which are working. Isita has not suffered any bad side-effects so far – it is of course quite early for that. She has slept a lot, and does not have much appetite, but she is cheerful, chatting with the nurses and giving them the benefit of her wisdom.

It is remarkable how she has adapted to the inconveniences of having a cat’s cradle of tubes attached to her body via her wiggly. When she gets up to go to the loo the whole stand with computers and bags of medicine goes with her. We have to unplug five power cables. Each machine omits its own emergency klaxon, and a small procession marches round the bed. The cacophony continues until Isita is safely back in bed, and the electricity supply reconnected. She puts up with this palaver stoically.

I was with her last night and Marta is there tonight. We are getting a feel for how the shifts should work between us. Also, Isita’s godmother Tia Asunta has come over from Frankfurt. It is Marta’s birthday tomorrow (Sunday) so she needs a treat.

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