No bed yet 

Isita’s treatment did not start yesterday as a bed is only available starting on Friday. In any case, we spent most of the day at the hospital doing kidney and heart function tests. 

Today (Thursday) we went back for the first stage of the MIGB test. They injected a special radioactive dye into Isita via her wiggly. Tomorrow morning they will carry out a scan. Any areas that the tumour has spread to will light up on the images.

We are very anxious for treatment to start as she has been in more pain over the past couple of days, and managing the painkillers to keep her comfortable is tricky.

We know that Isita has been included in the US protocol side of the trial. For those who are in to details, this means she will be getting the modified N7 treatment. This is administered in hospital over five days followed by two weeks of recovery at home. She will therefore be at GOSH, with either Marta or myself, from Friday until Tuesday or Wednesday and then at home until 9 or 10 February. Then we start a new cycle. We do five in all, so could finish this stage of treatment in early May.

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