A good practical task

Marta and I discussed Isita’s treatment this morning with Dr Giuseppe and our specialist nurse Susan. We also signed the consent forms to be included in the clinical trial for children with high risk neuroblastoma.

The treatment, either by the European or US protocol, will start tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. We must hope and believe that the next three or four months of chemotherapy are as effective as possible. A good initial result makes all the next steps easier.

So, we are completely focused on being strong for Isita, and ensuring she can be strong for herself. Dr Giuseppe’s common sense advice was that we should provide her with as much normality as possible and to do our best to keep her in a good mood without spoiling her. This is a good practical task for us.

Dr Giuseppe was unsurprisingly sceptical about homeopathy – although we can get a recommendation to the homeopathic hospital next to GOSH. I am not sure what he would make of my Christian Science education with its focus on spiritual healing, let alone of the precious hair of Santa Angela de la Cruz, and the holy water from Lourdes which some darling devout Tias asked Marta’s sister Bego and her mother to carry over to London. They brought more than 100ml so had to check their bags in. 

Intellectually these beliefs and ideas don’t sit together easily. Neither the religions nor the sciences agree even between themselves. But for us here and now they are united in a common objective – Isita’s wellbeing. As we have said to each other many times over the past fortnight, we will draw our strength from where we can.

9 thoughts on “A good practical task

  1. Re homeopathy: the chemio has the task of getting rid of anything malign. What is next important is keeping Isita’s immune system as strong as possible. I am sure homeopathy can help especially as it is gentle and shouldn’t have side effects. When I was practising (acupuncture sadly retired five years ago) I treated patients the day after their chemo dose so as to rebalance the system after the shock of v strong chemio. Find out if homeopathy can do that. Sadly I don’t know of any reputable homeopath or children’s acupuncturist.
    Then there is you both : you need to keep your spirits and health as strong as pos. I would come like a shot to treat you both but unfortunately I finally, reluctantly, gave up my licence last year.
    I will try and find a good practitioner your way – they MUST be trained in the 5 Element method: we treat the spirit which then treats the body if you follow my gist. And that’s what gives you the strength to overcome whatever is thrown at you. Am going to enquire ( there are lots of well meaning practitioners around but not properly trained).
    Thank you for your blog: at least it keeps us abreast with your news. We would be even more anxious not knowing
    Much much love as always


  2. Re Virginia’s comment, the acupuncturists we see are incredible, and they use the five-element method. We’re seeing them this weekend, and I’ll ask about whether they would be able to help (or know of someone else who is a child specialist), should you decide to go down that route.


  3. Dear Isita

    We wish that you are comfortable in hospital even though it is not like home, you can perhaps decorate your room with things and pictures which make you feel happy? I am drawing a picture for you to keep. I hope you will like it and be happy when you look at it.

    Lilly Rose your friend from school


  4. Despite the fact that some of them are “a bit” creepy (ok, ‘creepy as hell’ some), I managed to coexist with them by focusing on its ‘ulterior effect’: its sole presence makes you (and those who run into them) at least remember our Saints which, in turn, might make you question your life (as they are for sure role models) or raise a prayer every now and then; both ways, pushing you even closer to God.
    See? For example, now, without Santa Angela de la Cruz’s hair here, I am going to pray next; because the sole mention of her name force me to it

    Thank you again for this diary uncle John.

    Be brave.


  5. Thank you Marta and John for keeping us all in the loop. You are setting a good example and we are very proud of Isita and you both. All our prayers with you, will send our strength from Seville. Best, Pilu


  6. We saw our acupuncturist this weekend, and she echoed Virginia’s comment that it can help the body deal with the after effects of the chemo. If you do decide to go down that route, I’d be more than happy to give you their details. Even though the lead practicioner practises in South Croydon, she also works at a clinic in Wimpole Street, so quite close to the hospital.


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