We have had a lovely weekend at home. Isita is feeling well and we are too, especially after the delicious gin and tonic brought by Jess and Victor. Marta has been reading and researching the treatment that the doctors are proposing and has found a friend in Spain who has successfully gone through it. Although we are taking this day by day, it is heartening to hear of others who have made it through.

The more we read and research, the more we appreciate the extraordinary cutting edge advances in science which the doctors will use to cure Isita.  We are also going to explore ideas such as changes to Isita’s diet which may both reduce the cancer and improve recovery during the intervals after chemotherapy . We have already had offers of help about this. The third, and not least, element is the spiritual, moral and practical support we are getting from all our friends and family. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “G&T

  1. And thank you so much for your daily post which keeps us informed.
    Like you both waiting for Monday or Tuesday to hear about treatment.
    With big big hugs and all our love
    Virginia and Charles


  2. Good to know you spent the weekend at home, we hope you enjoyed some tranquility, we keep praying for you every day, a huge hug for Isita and Jamie too


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