Marta and I have been deeply moved by the messages of support, offers of help, deliveries of food, expressions of love and the prayers that we have received from our families and our friends. Isita is also thrilled to hear the messages you have sent her.

We are grateful that Isita is receiving medical attention from the best professionals at the best hospital, but we also need some luck. And we need your help so we can be strong for Isita.

I spoke to a very kind and experienced Christian Science practitioner today who reminded me that Isita is innocent so that in God’s eyes she is perfect.

We are receiving the power of positive thought from an altogether more traditional quarter as well. Our dear friend Alejandra in Madrid Who helps convents over all of Spain to sell their produce has galvanised her network. Every nun in Spain is praying for Isita’s recovery.

6 thoughts on “Prayers 

  1. Oh John and Marta – without the use of many words but to say that you have been constantly constantly on my mind and isita is in all our prayers. Sending you much strength and heaps and heaps of luck, love and hugs to you all – Maria with three little isita fans


  2. MartH. Chica me ha pedido una foto de Isita para ponerla junto a una estampa de la monja santa de la India y José María dice que es muy bueno el que hizo L Caridad. La monja es Teresa de Calcuta. Muchos besos a los tres.

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    > El 11 ene 2017, a las 20:13, Isita escribió: > > >


  3. Queridos John y Marta: Ayer estuve en Santa Angela de la Cruz, encomendando a Isita, esta en nuestros rezos todos los días y también en nuestros corazones. Os mando muchísimo animo y fuerzas!! Mil besosssss


  4. Dear Isita

    My mummy has just explained to me that you have a lump in your tummy.
    I did ask if it was a baby but my mummy said,’No, it is a growth of tissue causing a lump’.
    Well that confused me even more as I was trying to imagine a box of tissues in your tummy. But then my mummy said that the lump is made up of cells that have become crazy out of control and grown very very big, too big!
    This concerns me, I am not happy about this lump in your tummy and wish it to stop growing please.
    I hope you feel better soon and that your lump stops growing.
    Lots of love your friend from Pembridge,
    Lilly Rose


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