Pins and needles 

It was a bit of a rough night. Isita has started getting pins and needles in her right arm. This has coincided with the doctors changing her painkillers as they don’t want her to be on ibuprofen for too long. 

It seems like this is a common side-effect as the tumour is close to nerve-endings in the back. Stroking the arm seems to soothe it. We did a lot of that last night and didn’t get much sleep as a result.

Dr Guiseppe reckons we may have the biopsy on Friday, meaning we would get the results on Monday. Discussions about treatment would follow soon after. However, this is not the only scenario. It is also possible that all the tests will happen next week or we may have to wait for the MIGB – definitely next week – before they can decide.

As we are just waiting, they might allow us to go home again for a day or two. While this would be lovely, we’d prefer to stay here and get it all done.

2 thoughts on “Pins and needles 

  1. Everything crossed for a Friday biopsy – and a pain-busting extra to the Ibruprofen for Isita to have her father there for as bespoke Pins-and-needles-relieving wallah. Hope you get some sleep tonight, dear John and thinking of you and Isita tonight, dear Marta. The GOSH gang are the business for fighting childhood cancer so try not to stress it if it be Monday instead, you’re in the best hands.


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