Settling in

Isita has just gone to sleep after a quiet day. She gets  uncomfortable in the evenings when she is tired, so I am drowsily rubbing her arm. They are about to switch her from ibuprofen to a low dose of morphine. 

We had an ultrasound in the morning- this was mostly to help the doctors plan for the biopsy. The tumour is surrounded by healthy tissue – so they need to find the right way of getting to it.
Then they took some blood. This involved a lot of persuasion. Isita doesn’t like the idea at all – but insists on looking- ‘show me the size of the needle!’ It isn’t a good idea, but she is pretty determined.

She is also a ruthless negotiator. After the blood test she ended up with two barbies, a pop-up pirate toy and we had to buy her a soft tiger downstairs. I have no idea how she managed this.  

Earlier Marta and I had a reassuring chat with Susan the specialist oncology nurse who is looking after Isita. ‘We aim to cure all our children so they can grow up to have normal healthy lives ‘ she said.

We are waiting to hear when Isita goes for the biopsy. This is the next major event.

4 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. John we are thinking of you every day. It sounds as if she is in very good hands. What an incredibly brave little girl and brave parents too. Sending much love. Christina x


  2. Dearest John, it’s comforting to know Isita is as capable of charming and cajoling serious health professionals as she is the rest of us, and this when she’s not feeling a hundred per cent chipper. All my thoughts are with you and Marta and your little but extremely redoubtable family. Rosie


  3. Feeling rather teary for your beautiful girl and I haven’t even met her.. but her character shines through. We had some experience of hospital with our eldest, Madeleine, and I know what a trauma even simple things for adults like cannulas can be for children. But I also know how reassuring it is to have a doctor who looks you in the eye, decides you have a brain, and tells your in detail what they are doing and why.
    Much love to you all.. Lucy


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