At Great Ormond Street 

We have just seen Dr Guiseppe Barone on Safari Ward who showed us all Isita’s MRI scans, explained what we know about the lump so far (not much beyond its location and dimensions), and went through the plan for the next week. 

They will do another ultrasound, a biopsy, bone marrow test, and will put a line into her chest. The last three will probably happen under the same general anaesthetic. In the middle of next week they will do something called an MIGB test – which uses dye to see if the cancer is elsewhere.

t is too early to speculate, but the doctor said it is not that old and if it is elsewhere that is because this is sometimes how it is with children- not, as with adults – because it has spread.

This all sounds a bit scary, but the doctor was so calm, clear and straight forward that Marta and I both feel reassured. We feel immediately in the most competent hands. 

We should expect to be here for two to three weeks- then every other week while the treatment goes on.

There is a plan. Even in this most dreadful situation it is amazing how comforting this is. We are ready to fight and to overcome!

6 thoughts on “At Great Ormond Street 

  1. Uncle John,
    Thank you for writing this diary. Since I knew about it I am reading it on a daily basis; just like I pray on a daily basis for you all.
    Thank you again for every line that keep us all updated about your wonderful family.


  2. Querida familia:
    Estamos con vosotros desde la distancia y mil gracias por hacernos partícipes. Rezamos por todos vosotros y por favor contad con nosotras para todo lo que queráis! Un fortísimo abrazo a los cuatro. Ana y Miryam


  3. Dear Isita, Marta and John,

    By now half of Spain is praying for a speedy recovery and for strength and endurance with all these tests amd trying stays at GOSH. The MdVs are here for anything you need.

    Lots of love, Tatiana, Cristobal


  4. Dear John, thank you for keeping us updated. It is a comfort to feel a bit closer to you. We are all praying for brave Isita and you are constantly in our thoughts. xoxo


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