Day two

Sunday. They let us bring Isita home from St Mary’s yesterday afternoon as we only live 10 minutes away. Her bed is open for her if we need to bring her back. The main reason would be if the regular doses of ibuprofen and calpol stop working and it starts to hurt too much.

We have everything packed up just in case, and yesterday evening we were about to go back, but then she settled and we all slept well last night. When it doesn’t hurt, she is very bright and happy.

My twin Robert came to the hospital yesterday morning with Marta and Jamie (I had spent the night with Isita). This was very comforting. Jamie went back with Robert to spend the weekend with his cousins in Surrey. He is beginning to realise something is not right and very sweetly asked Isita how she was when we all spoke on the telephone last night.

Marta’s brother Juan and sister Bego came over from Spain yesterday afternoon and stayed with us last night. This is wonderfully comforting. So many friends have offered to help. I am sure we will be calling on you all at some point. Aude left a box with lunch behind our porch for when we came home yesterday. Juan and Bego were amazed that you could do this without it disappearing. It was delicious.



3 thoughts on “Day two

  1. Lots of love xx we are here any time.

    Gorgeous and brave Isita – Emily sends big hugs and kisses xx


  2. Dear Isita,

    Your cousins in Seville loved to welcome the New Year with you! They know how brave you are, and hope to have you around soon, our thoughts and love are with the precious Little Princess!


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