Day one

If you are reading this, you probably know Isita already. So I don’t have to tell you much. Nearly five, bright and funny, full of invention, obsessed by fairies.

You may not know she is also very brave. That is what the doctors said here at St Mary’s Paddington after she went through all the x-rays, ultrasound and MRI scans yesterday. And she was. 

The results of those tests were not what we wanted to hear. They found a growth in Isita’s abdomen which is pushing against her spine. This is what has been causing her discomfort for the past few weeks. 

Today is Saturday. On Monday, Isita will be admitted to Great Ormond Street hospital, where the specialists will do lots more tests to find out what we are dealing with, and what the treatment should be. 

Isita knows she has a lump in her tummy. But so far it has been an adventure with lots of TV and games – and the tests, although they were not such fun. 

Marta and I feel like our world has imploded. Of course the children have always been the most important thing in life. We have just entered a crash course in what that really means. We have put aside very other plan and priority without another thought. 

4 thoughts on “Day one

  1. Dear John and Marta, all my thoughts are with you and Isita. Whatever you might need, I am littleraly around the corner. Speak to tu soon. Love. Cristina G.


  2. Dearest Isita,
    I feel you need lots of our brave stickers and I am very proud of your bravery so far. The teachers and I will all be thinking of you over the coming weeks and our door is always open to all of you
    Much love to you and all your family
    Mrs T x


  3. Hola Marta!!! Hola Isita!! Soy una amiga de tu mami que vive en NY. Yo tengo hijos grandes, uno de 20 y otro de 25 pero dudo realmente que estos gigantes de casi 2 m de alto serían tan valientes como tú!!!! A mí también me encantan las hadas….piensa en ellas cuando estás en el hospital y transpórtate a un bosque lleno de hadas, mariposas, conejitos y duérmete feliz en el musgo de un frondoso árbol. Te quiero mucho y estaré pensando en ti a pesar de estar del otro lado del mundo en NY. Un grande abrazo Alejandra 🐭🐰🐛🦄🐝🐇🌳🌹🌸🌺🍂🍁🌝🌞⭐️💋❤️


  4. Sending lots of love to the bravest little Viking Isita.
    Dearest John & Marta – should you need anything at all please call on me.
    Masses of hugs,
    Natasha (Mendelsohn) xxx


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